Uprooting the Causes

What will it take to end domestic and sexual violence?

Violence isn’t just something that happens between two people. Our culture of violence impacts every one of us. While providing direct services for survivors and perpetrators is essential, if we want to end violence we must also work to change our culture.

Vermont Network unites our Members to uproot the causes of violence.  This includes work on the individual, community and societal levels. In order to eradicate domestic and sexual violence, we look at issues such as sexism, racism, and poverty which contribute to inequity and oppression.

What does it look like?

Together we advocate for changes in policies, institutions, systems, and ultimately our culture. This work includes:

  • Advocating for changes to laws which make our communities strong and healthy.
  • Training advocates and partners to be agents of change.
  • Creating systems that serve the basic needs of all survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
  • Working with partner organizations on large scale social change campaigns.
  • Reforming our legal system to promote equity and safety in our communities.