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To Address Vermont’s Housing Crunch, Lawmakers Consider $2-Per-Night Hotel Tax

Vermont Public Radio recently featured efforts to support Vermont’s affordable housing system through an investment generated by a $2-per-night fee on hotel stays.

“Lack of safe and affordable housing is a major barrier to survivors when they’re leaving abusive relationships,” says Kara Casey, the economic justice and housing specialist at the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. “So they’re forced to make the decision sometimes between staying in a violent relationship and homelessness.”

Casey says the hotel surcharge, unlike Scott’s proposal, would also fund critical cash-assistance programs to keep people from losing their homes or apartments. Donovan’s bill would also fund financial literacy, counseling, and other services for people with mental health or substance-abuse issues at risk of becoming homeless.”

Read or listen to the full story on the VPR website here.

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