Digital Narratives: Youth Stories of Connection and Joy

The Vermont Network sponsors digital storytelling workshops with youth, supporting them to share  stories of connectedness, well-being and resilience.  These stories help grow healthy individuals, relationships and communities.

Digital storytelling workshops lift up what participants already know about how to solve challenges, build connections and make change. Want to learn more?  Check out the digital narratives below or click here to connect with us about hosting a workshop.

Lila and Maddie: Finding Happiness

Lila and Maddie of Montpelier High School explore happiness, hope and purpose through a series of compelling visuals and dialogue.

Ethan and Evie: Impact of Desire

Ethan and Evie of Montpelier High School explore the nature of desire and human connection through a series of questions and answers. By understanding these desires, we are able to be our authentic selves. 

Jordan and Alex: A True Story of How I Found the Stars

Jordan and Alex of Montpelier High School reflect on how relationships can either stifle our happiness and authenticity or enable us to honor and become who we truly are.