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The Vermont Network

As things are rapidly changing in response to the COVID-19 virus, we want to assure you that our staff are still working to support survivors and member programs each day.

What can you expect?

Member organizations of the Vermont Network during the COVID-19 crisis:
The 15 member organizations of the Vermont Network are committed to providing the best services to communities throughout Vermont.  Member organizations are also carefully considering the advisories from the Vermont Department of Health and the CDC, and taking significant precautions to protect those they serve and their teams of staff members, volunteers and board members. 

What if you are QUARANTINED with your abuser? 

Reach out for the help you need. We are here.
Law Enforcement are continuing to respond to calls. Hotlines and shelters will remain open.  People impacted by sexual and domestic violence can still access the support of an advocate during a sexual assault forensic exam, when requesting a relief from abuse order, and for help accessing other crucial resources.  Member organizations of the Vermont Network are putting systems in place to be able to provide remote advocacy as much as possible, using phone, video and other strategies to connect with and support people who need help.
Contact your local organization for more information about how they are responding, and continue to refer people impacted by sexual and domestic violence to call the local hotline


If you are in need of Emergency shelter:

Vermont- Specific resources:

want to help?

Here are some ways to take action:

  • Reach out to your legislators and ask them to make sure survivors and the programs that serve them have what they need to survive. You can find your representatives and their contact info here.  
  • Donate to your local member programs and/or the Vermont Network
  • Join a mutual aid group in your neighborhood and give back to your community
  • Check back here for virtual trainings, information, and more! 

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