#SurvivorsVote On the Blog: Hold On to Hope

Dear friends, Many of us have stark memories of the 2016 election.  I have been recalling these days as we march toward the 2020 election.  And then I was walking down my road and found these sweet reminders perched on the neighbor’s mail box. Love, Be Happy, Smile.  Reminders that this election is but a moment in our history, important … Read More

#SurvivorsVote On the Blog: Power

Dear friends, It is so easy in these times to feel like we don’t have much power. COVID-19, and the realization that foundations which we have relied upon for generations seem now to be merely a house of cards which can be easily dismantled by a few.  It can seem overwhelming and disheartening as well as frightening. Despite all of … Read More

#SurvivorsVote On the Blog: We Are The Ones

Dear friends, There can be no doubt that our world is transforming.  Evidence of transformation is all around us in forms which are exhilarating as well as in forms which are terrifying and frankly, overwhelming.  And we are the people who are needed in this moment. Thanks to the 24-hour news cycle, I think we can sometimes forget that transformation … Read More

#SurvivorsVote On the Blog: Get Ready

Dear friends, Over the past several weeks, I have heard people remark “time has no meaning” and “that meeting we had yesterday that feels like it was three weeks ago”. These sentiments are evidence that our world is experiencing a monumental shift, and we can feel it.  Time seems to be simultaneously compressing and accelerating during this global pandemic. We … Read More

Advocacy Appreciation Week 2020

This week, we are celebrating the works that advocacy organizations do to support survivors across the state. As part of our Advocacy Appreciation Week celebration, we are blogging daily, focusing on a different theme of Advocacy each day. Click the theme below to read a post on our blog featuring the voices of advocates! Voice Repair Justice Freedom Community

IN THE NEWS: Channel 17 Judge Ben Show

07/09/2020 Judge Ben Joseph sat down with Karen Tronsgard-Scott for a riveting talk about domestic and sexual violence services in the state, how the pandemic is impacting services, and how it has changed how we think about the world. https://www.cctv.org/watch-tv/programs/vermont-network-against-domestic-and-sexual-violence

IN THE NEWS: Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth June 2020 This is a moment of reckoning. The murder of George Floyd broke the collective heart of this country, and now, finally, millions of people are saying their names: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery – an endless list of Black Lives stolen at the hands and knees of police. The legacies of slavery … Read More

COVID-19 Resources

The Vermont Network As things are rapidly changing in response to the COVID-19 virus, we want to assure you that our staff are still working to support survivors and member programs each day. What can you expect? Member organizations of the Vermont Network during the COVID-19 crisis:The 15 member organizations of the Vermont Network are committed to providing the best … Read More

IN THE NEWS: 03-24-20 Joint Press Release on COVID-19 Response for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence

STATE OF VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY Advocates, law enforcement stand ready to help survivors of domestic and sexual violence despite global pandemic Self-isolation does not mean that you are alone: Resources continue to be available to all who need them WATERBURY, Vt. (March 24, 2020) — The Vermont State Police, Vermont Attorney General’s Office and the Vermont Network Against … Read More