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2019 Annual Report

Liberation. There is nothing about this word not to love. In 2019 the Vermont Network invested in liberation. Liberation from violence, liberation from toxic relationships, liberation from a worldview focused on domination, extraction, exploitation and fear. We imaged and lived into a worldview where all people live in mutuality. Where relationships (personal and professional) are built on authenticity and respect. A world where harm doers are supported to change through loving accountability. Where white supremacy culture is challenged and transformed. Where all people thrive. Liberation is a choice made thousands of times each day. It is a choice between hatred and love, a choice between isolation and community, a choice between standing with and holding down, a choice between all of us and some of us. In 2019, the Vermont Network chose liberation, in favor of a world in which all people thrive.

-Karen Tronsgard-Scott, Executive Director

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